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Dominant genetics make Wagyu bulls work great with American breeds to boost profit.

Makes grass-finished beef tender and great tasting while increasing the health factor!!
Keeps customers coming back.

Meat quality and tenderness are dominant traits in Wagyu cattle making it the perfect combination with american breeds. When using a wagyu bull with american breeds (f1-cross), 75% of the offspring will have very noticeable improvements in flavor and tenderness.
Most restaurants serving Wagyu steaks and/or burgers are actually serving product from f1-cross offspring.
Usually a cross of Angus cows bred to a Wagyu bull

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ERF Clyde G02


ERF Clyde G04


ERF Clyde G07


OW Itozurudoi 91Y -- Sire of All the Bulls above.
Nickname: Clyde

Clyde won an "ALL Breed" show against mainly American breeds. He was 910 lbs at 365 days and had a peak weight over 2500 lbs. Despite his impressive size, his offspring are of normal size for Wagyu and are very vigorous growers. They do very well on grass pastures. Clyde's lineage is among the best in North America. Excellent lineage to add to your herd.
Clyde is now the foundation for many of Eversole Run Farm's full-blood cows.