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NEWS - 2022

Embryo Production - Nov 7

ERF Mika G09- FB47834 and Rueseki 235D

Mika did it again! This time the Sire is "Poll Wagyu Perfection PPQ722" American Wagyu Assoc: PB54896, Australian Wagyu Assoc: PWYPPQ722
Also Rueseki 235D to the same Bull. Mika produced 35 viable embryos!! Eversole Run Farm will be maintaining new lineages of polled Wagyu!

Poll Wagyu Perfection PPQ722

Embryo Production - October 12

ERF Mika G09- FB47834

Mika produced 16 Grade 1 and 2 grade 2 embryos. Mika is one of the best cows I've ever seen. She has a perfect Tenderness DNA Score, "10" and is free of all known genetic defects including IARS. The Sire of these embryos is "Arubial United P0342", one of the top scoring bulls in the Australian EBVs.

Arubial United P0342

ERF Mika G09

Here are the details on United from the Australian Wagyu Association site:

Eversole Run Farm Cattle LLC has made 16 of the frozen embryos available to buy online. go to the "Breeding" page to see details.