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Grass fed Beef Available

Finished on organic pastures here at Eversole Run Farm.
All beef offered has never had any antibiotics, hormones or wormer. Eversole Run Farm has been worm free for over 12 years!

SOLD ---- F1 Steer Available.

This steer is from an Angus cow and our Full-blood wagyu herd bull. This bull is rated "AA" meat quality with a 7+ tenderness score. Our herd has among the best wagyu lineage in the nation.

One whole steer too much for you? Maybe a friend or two will split it with you. You can visit the farm to see its progress!

This steer will finish in the summer of 2022. Will deliver to processor of choice in central Ohio. We can suggest a good processor if needed. Suggest that processing be scheduled between July and December of 2022.